Wednesday, August 19, 2015

TeacherCal (EduSync) Planning with Transparency and Collaboration in Mind

In the video, I reviewed features of TeacherCal as both a planning tool for teachers and a way to expand transparency to other teachers, students, parents, and administration.

When I began using Google Calendar to write lessons, it didn't take long to see that the basic box to create and event didn't not meet my needs while planning. One could the box is plenty enough but for teachers, the display must instigate productivity and the separation of the aspects of planning were just not there in the native Google Calendar.

In comes TeacherCal! Now this application utilizes the collaborative essence of Google Drive, integrating all GAFE into the planning process. From the pictures alone, any educator can see the value in the organizational side of TeacherCal, which then pushes your planning to Google Calendar, where all stakeholders can access your planning. This meets my goal of nullifying the question "Mr. DeFlitch, what are we doing today?" Students should always know what they are going to do and when they are going to do. The research is out there proving that students learn better when they have map and TeacherCal provides students the map they need to achieve maximum success. Additionally, this further utilizes Universal Design for All by providing a transparency atmosphere for students to prepare before they learn. If students struggle with reading, for example, then they must know where to find when they are going to read and what they going to read BEFORE they begin the timeslot the teacher assigns the reading. This provides additional time for the student before the lesson begins and is particularly needed for special education student, who require extended time on numerous activities. Rather than a students needing an extra day or two AFTER the lesson to master it, they can use a day or two BEFORE the lesson, so that they experience the learning task at the same level as others.

Have a great week educators!

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