Monday, August 24, 2015

DeClutter Your Drive

As districts and teachers continue their push for full Google Apps for Education in the classroom, many teachers find themselves in a traditional dilemma. Clutter. Since copying began, filing cabinets and teachers' desks alike, rarely see the light of the day. This now spills into the digital world as teachers jump into #GAFE and begin saving, copying, creating, and more in their Google Drive. Google Drive is an amazing space for educators, but as the digital push continues, many of us find hundreds file folders on our Google Drive.

In the whirlwind of planning, teaching, grading, meeting, etc., etc. teachers don't have time to organize their Drive. As I continue to work with many veteran teachers beginning their #GAFE journey, they often have to root through folders because they don't remember what they named the file three weeks ago. Most of those teachers can state a week or a day the activity is used.

This is where EduSync utilizes intuitive design to help teachers. TeacherCal, a transparency and communicative planner, automatically organizes all of the teacher's documents as they embed and attach them to their lesson plans.

The video above further demonstrates how this works! Good luck as your rejoin your new students this year!

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